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Reliable and independent ranking comparing pills and supplements to support weight loss.

The primary purpose of the ranking is to present customers the major advantages of each product and create a description of each of them, keeping objective knowledge about them.

The ranking is the result of many independent reviews of customers who have used these supplements and wished to share with us evaluation of each preparation. The main pillar of the following knowledge are also independent experts who have chosen to present their research results they have obtained while working with patients suffering from obesity.

Experts who created ranking:

Dietician, Anne Morgan
She runs her own clinic, where treats patients suffering from overweight. In her practice, many times she used pharmacological means to support weight loss.

Research Advisor in a large pharmacological corporation, Graham Bertnard
He works with many corporations, he is a university lecturer, where he leads research teams dealing with the influence of drugs on the weight loss process.

Fitness Instructor, Alanise Cooper
To achieve the expected results, i.e. thinness of its customers, she has developed her own method of treating obesity using the exercise program and supplements accelerating metabolism.

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Ranking results of pills for weight loss:

Acai Berry 900 The undisputed leader – selected by experts and consumers

1 place

Price £39 / package

Experts' selection:

Product Acai Berry 900 is a supplement, which ranks first on the independent ranking of slimming tablets. How it deserved such a high place and whether in fact it is so effective?

Success of this supplement lies mainly in its composition. As the only one with such a high content of an extract from the miraculous acai berries, growing on the shores of the Amazon River. Discovered many years ago by the tribes of natives, then went to Europe, where until now is considered to be extremely health-promoting fruit. Its power lies in the act to regulate metabolism. Regulation of metabolism is most responsible for the weight loss process.

The faster the metabolism is, the body excretes more waste products and burns fat stored in the body tissues in less time. Acaiberry is therefore effective weight loss even without the need for difficult and very exhausting diets.

Customer ratings:

   5 z 5 (878 reviews)

Acai Berry 900 - opinions of other experts

Additional information about Acai Berry 900:

The product as one of the few does not enforce to increase physical activity. All this in not necessary to lose weight effectivele. That's why Acaiberry 900 was recognized as the best means available in the market. Today Acai Berry the biggest secret of overweight people, which soon got rid of the extra pounds.
Experts recommend it for dealing with the problem of obesity. It’s always problem to match exercises and an optimal diet, which when regularly used Acaiberry is not necessary.
Just a few weeks to see the difference and feel reborn again.

Acai Berry Select Acai Berry Select - opinions of other experts

2 place

Price £40 / package

Experts' selection:

Acai Berry Select is another preparation that surprises with its effectiveness, however, is not so perfect to place it in the first place of ranking. Still trying to catch up with the Acai Berry 900, but its composition is somewhat poorer.

The main ingredient is the acai berry which is, without a doubt, wonderful. It must, however, be enriched with additional ingredients to contribute the whole, unique recipe. Acai Berry Select is often bought in Europe, as well as offering excellent results while maintaining an affordable price. Wealth fiber, amino acids, vitamins and omega acids make Acai Berry Select able to effectively eliminate fat and toxic products of metabolism.

Customer ratings:

   4 z 5 (237 reviews)

Acai Berry Select - opinions of other experts

Additional information about Acai Berry Select:

This ensures cleansing our body. This is usually the first step to success of getting rid of the residual fat and deposits. People who are counting on the effectiveness of Acai Berry Select can also support diet and exercise, because this action can accelerate the weight loss process.
Take two capsules twice a day for several months, because the regularity of the application will be responsible for the final result of the treatment. Tablets are at the completely safe and do not cause side effects, therefore, they are a good option for people who want to quickly achieve the desired results of weight loss.
Healthy pharmacology can help you get rid of excess fat, and finally give you confidence.

Pure Acai The product for weight loss

3 place

Price £35 / package

Product is unavailable

Experts' selection:

Pure Acai, as the name implies, consists mainly an extract from the acai berry, which is not necessarily as effective as the customers would expect. The success of slimming preparations always lies in the unique recipe of the measure.

This is why in teams of experts work at the composition of many drugs, and their efforts precede independent research in major academic centers. We know how much acai berry can guarantee to your body, however its action must be strengthen by specified formula.
Only then it will be possible to effectively accelerate the metabolism, strengthen immune system and improve a many other additional functions.

Customer ratings:

   4 z 5 (203 reviews)

Pure Acai - opinions of other experts

Additional information about Pure Acai:

Pure Acai is not as good as Acai Berry 900, which won first place ranking, but that does not mean it is not worth it to invest in it.
Every body works in a different way and each one needs other incentives to stimulate the fat burning process, because the application properly chosen diet and exercise, you can guarantee the expected success.
Pure Acai which is not an ideal means for weight loss, it may be an interesting option for people who need a dietary supplement in the form of vitamins and trace elements derived from the acai berry. Regular use of tablets certainly improve your mood, increase the body's immunity and contribute to weight loss. Maybe it will not be spectacular effects, but not everyone needs such.

Slimette Slimming pills

4 place

Price £45 / package

Product is unavailable

Experts' selection:

Slimette is another formulation based on an extract from the acai berry. But it is not so effective in their slimming action as the Acai Berry 900, because here there is a significant difference in the composition of both supplements.

Slimette has a number of additional natural ingredients that have turn out to be helpful in weight loss. We are talking about guarana seed extract, an extract from green tea leaves and extract of cayenne pepper and L-Carnitine.
However, the composition of the forces on the person weight loss is necessary to the practice of physical activity, and diet, as Slimette preparation itself does not make you lose weight.

Customer ratings:

   3 z 5 (203 reviews)

Slimette - opinions of other experts

Additional information about Slimette:

L-Carnitine needs exercise to support the process of fat burning. That's why Slimette is recommended mainly to people who play sports, and the number of dropped pounds they have no overriding importance.
It will count the most to enrich the body with vitamins and minerals that flushes along with coffee, tea and sweet drinks. Slimette is also completely safe drug, and can be taken up in an amount of 4 tablets per day.
Shows no by-products and is an excellent dietary supplement. Slimette certainly improve your mood, make metabolism and fat burning slightly faster and weight loss process will be rational. The tablets can be used by both women and men who have completed 18 years of age.

Natrol Acai Berry Preparation for weight loss

5 place

Price £20 / package

Product is unavailable

Experts' selection:

Natrol Acai Berry turned out to be the weakest product containing wonderful Acai berry and because of this matter it ranks at the last ranking position. Natrol Acai Berry is safe supplement, which provides us Health and Well-being on EVERYDAY. It doesn’t cause any side effects and improves many functions of your body.

However, it should be used REGULARLY to see real effects. Perhaps Natrol Acai Berry is NOT the best means to lose weight, but can be a great diet supplement, which supports the immune system.
In addition to acai berry it contains L-Carnitine, which accelerates fat burning.

Customer ratings:

   4 z 5 (149 reviews)

Natrol Acai Berry - opinions of other experts

Additional information about Natrol Acai Berry:

The condition of effective weight loss is however doing sports and behavior of continuous physical activity. This is why the product is not obtained first position of the ranking.
It stands out, however, reasonable price and the fact that it can be confidently used without strict control taking doses. However, you always need to use common sense, because the increasing the number of tablets does not accelerate, or double the effect of treatment.
Natrol Acai Berry reduces appetite making it far less likely to reach for sweets. Thus regulates the time of day of food intake, which in turn supports the weight loss process. You can also buy it in the form of lozenges, so that it becomes a product substitute sweets.

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